2nd Year Studies

Each of these 2nd year courses can be taken with Academic credit, or as Audit/Personal Studies.
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Christian Family

Instructor: Pastor Sharon Williams

Description: The main purpose of this course is to equip students with a Biblical understanding of the basic elements required to build, attain, and support a healthy Christian family. This course will address the progression of intimate relationships throughout seasons of singleness, courtship, marriage, parenting, and beyond. Students will be equipped to navigate through relational challenges including:

  • Sexual integrity and identity
  • Physical/emotional/spiritual health and wellness
  • Conflict resolution, and
  • Wise money management. 

Textbook: "God, Marriage, and Family" by: Andreas J. Kostenberger and David W. Jones. 

Christian Stewardship

Instructor: Pastor Sherry Loewen, B.A.(Psy); MCC

Description: The Christian Life is in essence a “stewardship”.  This means that all we have: resources, time, gifts, talents, relationships and money - we are not to possess as our own, but to steward and manage until the Lord returns.

In this course, the objective is to instruct the students in the Biblical and common-sense approach to managing all that the Lord has placed in our care. We will be studying in the Scriptures how to steward everything in our lives for the Glory of God.


"The Total Money Makeover, A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness", by: Dave Ramsey

"The 4 Laws of Financial Prosperity (Get Control of Your Money)", by: Blaine Harris and Charles Coonradt

Church Planting

Instructor: Pastor Brad Dewar, M.Th

Description: Planting new churches is no optional activity - it forms the heart and soul of the Great Commission. It is desperately needed all around the world today.  New churches infuse the body of Christ with new excitement, new ideas, new frontiers of ministry and new people.  New churches are vital to the health and continued growth of the whole church.  However, like many other worthwhile things, church planting is easier ‘said than done’.  This course is intended to take us far beyond theory and offer the kind of practical wisdom that can only be gleaned from those who have been, and continue to be personally involved in numerous church planting endeavors. 

Topics to be covered include:

  • Determining when to plant
  • How to create and plan a pre-launch checklist
  • Choosing the right launching strategy
  • Leading a planting team
  • Establishing a functional church government structure

Textbook: "Planting Healthy Growing Churches", by: Dr. G. Hill and Pastor B. Dewar (Available through the Victory Bookstore)

Discovering Your Destiny

Instructor: Sherry Loewen,B.A.(Psy); MCC

Description: God has created each one of us with specific spiritual gifts and talents. Each one of us was designed for a purpose to function in the body of Christ. This course is designed to help each student find and fulfill the call of God for their lives. Tests will be given to help each student evaluate their own spiritual gifting, personality and temperament, natural abilities, and then will focus on leadership development. The philosophy of ministry for Victory Churches International will also be shared and discussed.

  • Finding and fulfilling the call of God on your life
  • Our destiny as Christ followers
  • Your personality and temperament
  • The personality of a leader
  • Discovering your gifts, talents, and dreams
  • Discovering your ministry
  • Vision springs from purpose: defining and articulating your purpose
  • How and why Victory Churches was formed; finding your place
  • Goals and plans: Setting, fulfilling, and altering 

Textbook:  "SHAPE", by: Erik Rees


Instructor: Dr. Ron Swanson. D.Th

Description: In this course, we will examine the Bible's teachings concerning future events, beginning with the rapture of the church and concluding with the new heavens and the new earth. Included in the course is a look at the current events in the light of the Bible prophecy, a chronology of end-time events (including an examination of each of the popular "rapture theories" held within the body of Christ), and an overview of the book of Revelation. 

This course will cover the following:

  • Signs of the end times.
  • Chronology of the end time events. 
    • "Time line" of the end times
    •  The Olivet Discourse: Matthew 24-25
    •  Overview of Daniel: Daniel's 70 weeks
    •  Events of the tribulation period
    •  The future of the church and planet earth 
  • Study of the book of Revelation 

Textbook: "Earth's Final Hours" by: Dr. Ron Swanson  (available through the Victory Bookstore)

Leadership 2

Instructor: Pastor Brad Dewar, M.Th

Description: The key role of a good leader is not merely to direct followers effectively, but to help them develop their own potential and become capable leaders in their own right. Leaders get things done. The leader who can develop the leadership potential in those around him will be able to vastly increase the scope of what can be accomplished. This course teaches you, as a leader, to know how to develop those around you into capable leaders.

To build on the personal development principles learned in Leadership I and enable students to understand the principles of leading others. By the end of the course a student should be able to:

  • Understand how vision is applied to leadership
  • Recognize leadership potential in others for leadership
  • Design a strategy to prepare others for leadership
  • Oversee and direct others as a leader 

Textbook: " Developing the Leaders Around You", by: John C. Maxwell

Old Testament Survey

Instructor: Pastor Rowan Fraser 

Course Description: This course will increase your overall understanding and appreciation of the older (and perhaps less used) half of your Bible. It will allow you to demonstrate an ability to use it skillfully and find things quickly. We will emphasize each book's basic theme, structure and spiritual truths, as well as developing a high-level overview of the Genesis to Malachi's story line. 

Textbook: "What the Bible is All About", by: Henrietta C. Mears

Principles of Authority

Instructor: Pastor Sharon Williams

Description: We live in a culture that doesn’t rightly understand God’s intentional design for authority. In this class we will explore the origin and divine plan for God’s delegated authority on the earth and in the spiritual realm. After completing this course, each student should have a clear understand of how to live under authority and of his/her own personal authority to live triumphantly, through Christ Jesus and the finished work of the cross.

Textbook: "Under Cover",by John Bevere (revised and updated version May 2018).

World Evangelism

Instructor: Dr. George Hill

Description: To equip students to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission

Textbook"Fasting For Breakthrough and Revival" by: Drs. George and Hazel Hill (available through the Victory Bookstore)