1st Year Studies

Each of these 1st year courses can be taken with Academic credit, or as Audit/Personal Studies.
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Bible Doctrines

Instructor: Dr. Ron Swanson, D.Th

Course Description:  "To set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us." (Luke 1:1)

Course Objectives:  By the conclusion of this course, the student will have:

  • Gained a thorough understanding of the major doctrines of the Christian Faith.
  • Been prepared for the defense of the faith – (1 Peter 3:15, Jude v. 3.)
  • The ability to intelligently discuss both sides of complex doctrinal issues.
  • Demonstrate the validity of his/her own beliefs, using the Bible.
  • An understanding of important Biblical terms and what they mean.

Textbook:  "Bible Doctrines" by: P.C. Nelson

Biblical Worship

Instructor: Pastor Jason Silver 

Course Description: In exploring Scripture, it is clear that God is looking for ‘lifestyle worshipers’.  Jesus instructed us that God is seeking worshippers - those who would worship Him with both word and life (John 4).  This course will examine the theology behind praise and worship, as well as how we can become ‘lifestyle worshippers’ today.

Textbook: "Engaging with God: A Biblical Theology of Worship" by: David Peterson

Discipleship Training

Instructor: Pastor Dave Meyers

Course Objectives: The purpose of this course is:

  • To lead the students into a personal knowledge of God and intimacy with Jesus Christ.
  • To learn how to function in proper relationship to the body of Christ.
  • To harness the God-potential in your life through godly discipline and a proper understanding of God’s authority in your life.
  • To learn how to minister to those around you.
  • To learn how to disciple new converts and lead them into a place of full surrender and obedience to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Textbook:  "The Life You’ve Always Wanted" by: John Ortberg

Effective Prayer

Instructor: Dr. Ron Swanson, D.Th

Course Objectives:  The purpose of this course is:

  • To learn how to pray effectively in order to consistently receive answers to our prayers. 
  • To draw close to God through the discipline of daily prayer. 

Course Description:  This course consists of an in-depth examination of the nine kinds of prayer discussed in the New Testament, and the principles that govern them. 

Textbook: "Praying God’s Word" by: Dr. Hazel Hill (available through the Victory Bookstore)


Instructor: Pastor Nick Williams 

Course ObjectivesThe God-kind of faith is the same faith that God used to create the universe, and every born-again believer has been given "the measure" of it (Romans 12:3). The Bible tells us that without faith it's impossible to please God. Therefore, it's of utmost importance that every child of God learns Scriptural principles of faith, and how to increase their faith. We discover how to use faith to take hold of what belongs to us, how to see ourselves as God sees us, and why faith connects us to the supernatural so that we may dominate our natural circumstances. 

Textbook:  "Faith - The Link With God's Power" by: Reinhard Bonnke


Instructor: Dr. Ron Swanson, D.Th

Course Description: Hermeneutics is the study of the Art and Science of Biblical Interpretation.  In this course, we endeavor to teach the student how to correctly interpret Scripture and “rightly divide the Word of Truth”.

By the conclusion of this course, the student will:

  • Understand the principles of sound Biblical Interpretation, and know what  “interpretation hazards” to avoid.
  • Have a clear understanding of the various dispensations and covenants found in Scripture and how to “rightly divide the Word of Truth.
  • Understand the different writing styles that are used throughout Scripture and recognize the difference between literal and figurative language.
  • Gain experience in correctly using many of the study tools available today.

Textbook: "Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods", by: Rick Warren

Holy Spirit

Instructor: Pastor Wendy Dewar

Course Objectives:

  • To become acquainted with, and develop intimacy with the person of the Holy Spirit
  • To be able to prove through Scripture that the Baptism of the Spirit is a legitimate experience, separate from the experience of Salvation
  • To undertake an in-depth study of the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit
  • With the overall objective to be led by the Holy Spirit thereafter in everyday life and ministry. 

Textbook: "Release the Gifts of the Holy Spirit" by: Drs. George and Hazel Hill (available through the Victory Bookstore)

Leadership 1

Instructor: Pastor Don Delaney

Course Description:  Everything rises and falls on leaders!  Leadership is not just something we do – it is who we are and what we are becoming.  “Good leadership” begins with a clear understanding of tested principles of management and human relations.  This course will help even those without the spiritual gift of leadership skills so they will be able to effectively lead and influence others.  Leadership I focuses on developing yourself as a leader.

Textbook: "Developing the Leader Within You", by: John C. Maxwell

Life and Teachings of Christ

Instructor: Dr. Ron Swanson, D.Th

Course Description: This course is a study of the life and teachings of Christ as reflected in the four Gospels. Included is an in-depth study of each of His major discourses, as well as a comprehensive look at the miracles recorded in the Gospels.

Course Objectives: 

  • To gain a clear understanding of the Person and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • To receive clear answers to many of the “problem passages” in the gospels.
  • To gain insight into the one-on-one ministry of Jesus.
  • To understand how to receive and minister healing.

Required Textbook: The Four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) in the Bible.

New Creation Realities

Instructor: Pastor Jason Silver 

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to create within the student an awareness of what God has accomplished in us through the new birth. The revelation of who we are in Christ fundamentally affects every other New Testament truth. A proper Biblical understanding of this will allow us to operate effectively as believers in our relationship with God, Satan, and the world we live in. At the conclusion of this course, the student should:

  • Be assured of God's grace and blessing upon their lives.
  • Understand who you are in Christ today: Who He says you are and who He has made you to be in His great redemptive work.
  • Have a living picture of the entire substitutionary work of Christ. It is the legal background of our redemption.
  • Understand the inner secret of God's mighty purpose in the incarnation. 

Textbook: "New Creation Realities", by: E.W. Kenyon

New Testament Survey

Instructor: Pastor Sheldon Ball, B. Mgt., CPA; C.A.; M.Th (candidate)

Course Description: This course is designed as an introduction to the New Testament. The understanding of this topic provides the student with the key themes, focus and intention of each book contained within the New Testament. The student will gain an overview of the background of each book’s writer, and the cultural, political and economic circumstances of the historical period in which it was written.

Textbook: "Who Is This Man? – The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus", by: Pastor John Ortberg